Death From Above - Death Comes (2009)

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Primeiro Full Length do Death From Above. 

Bio: DEATH FROM ABOVE began in early of 2006, with members of NEUROSE URBANA,DESASTRE and CHAOTIX.The idea was do a real D-beat R@w Punk band, not like these boring clones, but in the vein of classics bands from 80’s, thus we began work in this new project. When we decide to play D-BEAT we didn’t do a boring d-beat, but we are more into the classics d-beat 80’s like: DISCARD (where we stole the name for band, from ”Death From Above” 7EP 1990), DISASTER(UK), ICONOCLAST and DIATRIBE (USA), U.B.R. (YUGOSLAVIJA), EU’S ARSE and UNDERAGE (ITALIA), MG-15 (SPAIN), UNRULED (CANADA), FADER WAR and BANNLYST (NORWAY), DISCLOSE and CROW’ first EP (JAPAN), DISARM (SWEDEN), ANTI SECT’ demos (UK), DISCHARGE and more. Plus others R@w Punk bands from 90’s that we love too. Others influences are: Beer, Vodka, Cachaça, Rum, Pub, Night, Streets and crazy things that happen when you living in the biggest boring city of the world. The lyrics are about too much different things like; lies, illusion, religion, government, violence, power, conspiracy and war. Because war still a reality in the world and also not just war betwen nations, but war in our lifes, in our day by day.Everytime people fight for survival, money, power, religion and war to war. that’s a nonsense thing! too bad it’s just our reality and what we can do is show this suck reality that we living everyday.

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